Rethinking travel

Our vision is to make travel planning stress-free and make travel more fun.

Travelshift software was launched and tested in Iceland, where a booming tourism industry required an innovative software solution that simply didn’t exist until now.

Now is the time for us to expand our model into other markets.

Our management team

Ingi Shahin
Co-founder & Inventor
Sigurður Guðbrandsson
Sverrir Rolf Sander
Head of Development
Jakob Ásmundsson
Ólafur Óli Ólafsson

Ingolfur is the co-founder of Travelshift. His relentless quest for disrupting the status quo of travel led to the many killer innovations in Travelshift.

A natural hacker, Sigurdur rejoices in technology. He also possesses the rare quality of connecting technology with business goals.

Sverrir builds and empowers teams, paving a smooth road for scaling up the technology and the business side of Travelshift.

With his extensive experience in the finance sector, Jakob ensures that the financials of Travelshift are well managed.

Óli puts his management and strategy skills to good use in overseeing the day-to-day operational functions of Travelshift.

We’re in it to change
the game

What we do