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Destination Ice Cave

7 Day Northern Lights, Iceland

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Day 01

To the land of icebergs

Enjoy the scenic flight from Iceland to Greenland.
As you near Greenland, the patterns of the sea ice flowing from the North Pole will be visible from the window of your plane. Keep a watch on the sky when it gets dark. With luck, the northern lights may come out to entertain you.


Choose your accommodation in Ilulissat.




Day 02

Boat tour to
the icebergs.

A boat trip will take you close to the towering icebergs, which change shape every moment as the boat moves by. The colors of the ice are sparkling shades of blue and green in the sun, change as they reflect the sunset in the sky, or can be a mysterious white on other days.

Optional tours in the evening

Chasing the Northern Lights

Snowshoe in the Northern Night

Inuit myths & legends

We drive to the outskirts of towns to look out for northern lights. Your guide will give you tips on how to capture the scene on your camera. 2 hours, min. participants 4.


Day 03

The frozen fjord
of Uummannaq

The fjord of Uummannaq has many glaciers flowing into the sea, and in the winter, icebergs from the glaciers are frozen into the fjord.

From Ilulissat, a short flight takes you to the airport of Qaarsut, and from here, it is a scenic helicopter flight.

Day 04

Catch fish
like the locals

The landscape in front of town is different every winter, because the icebergs frozen into the sea are never the same.

Let’s go out onto the sea ice to give it a try. Your catch for the day will be dinner, so let’s get some nice tasty fish!

Day 05

Dogsledding around
Uummannaq island

We will hitch the dogs to the sled and take a tour around the island of Uummannaq and We will make a stop at Santa’s House, and go inside for some coffee, tea, and cookies.

Let’s check out the icebergs, stopping to admire the impressive shapes. We may meet some fishermen on the way, or see some seals on the ice in the distance.

Day 06

Cultural tour and a snowmobile
ride to a settlement

We will take a tour around the town in the morning. Life in Uummannaq is a mixture of traditional and modern lifestyles. The town has a history of missionaries, whalers, and merchants coming in the 1700’s

The weather, where the animals are, the movement of ice and tide, are what governs traditional life in the Arctic.

Day 07

From Uummannaq
to Ilulissat

Enjoy your helicopter flight from Uummannaq. The fjord will look different, now that you know how the locals live from the gifts of nature under the sea ice.

Your afternoon in Ilulissat is free time.

Day 08


Your flight back to Iceland is around noon. Enjoy the view of icebergs in the morning, and we hope to see you in Greenland again.

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