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Destination Ice Cave

7 Day Northern Lights, Iceland

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Day 01

The Historic

Today, you will experience the most historic village in the Faroe Islands. The village has a lot of turfed houses that adds something extra to this tour. You will have the unique opportunity to step inside one of the oldest wooden living rooms in the world when visiting Roykstovan in Kirkjubøur.

Day 02

Settlements on
Streymoy island

Get ready to see some excellent settlements in the Faroe Islands. This day tour will take you to the amphitheatrical town Vestmanna, the village Kvívík nestled in stunning surroundings and the settlements Hvalvík where you will visit an old wooden turf-roofed church. When on your way from Kvívík to Vestmanna, you will pass the igloos in the middle of nature.

Day 03

Home visit
in Eysturoy

You will get the unique opportunity to visit a local couple known for their hospitality and lovely food. The warm and authentic experience will take place on Eysturoy island. When in this traditional Faroese home, you will be served delicious food.

Day 04

The Gorge
in Gjógv

Today, you will explore the amazing gorge in the remote village Gjógv. This village is one of the most sought-after sights in the Faroe Islands. The drive to Gjógv is mesmerising and will take you to unexplored sights such as the winding road above the village Funningur.

Day 05

The Fairytale
Village Saksun

Saksun is a must-see scenery in the Faroe Islands. Today, you will visit this unbelievable village with the tidal lagoon. This tour is one of the highlights of your trip in the Faroe Islands. You will enjoy the white turfed-roofed church in Saksun that lies majestically above the tidal lagoon.

Day 06


Gásadalur is Faroe Islands most popular attraction and for a good reason! Many consider Múlafossur as Faroe Island’s most beautiful waterfall. Your tour guide will take you close to the waterfall so that you will get the best photo opportunities.

Day 07

The Northern Islands
and more

The northern part of the country is filled with breathtaking wonders and today you will visit some of the highlights. Beside a visit to Tjørnuvík, you will revisit Gjógv and then head to the second largest town Klaksvík before exploring the northernmost village in the Faroe Islands when you arrive to Viðareiði.

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