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Travelers have to make 52 Google searches on average to be able to book their trip. This can take hours, days or weeks. And even then, quality is not guaranteed.



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No more browsing dozens of websites to find out where to go, what to do and where to stay. Users can now book their whole trip in one booking and receive all their vouchers in one email.

Our travel products

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Travel Plans

Travel plans curate both travel information and services to create optimized vacations in each destination. The routes and services are pre-planned, but only recommended, allowing customers to personalize every detail. A booking results in a Travel plan that the customer can download to their phone and manage the whole vacation from, even when offline.



Our flights inventory allows for smart flights connecting, offering the best prices and best choices in a speedy process. In a travel plan, the dates and time of flights determine the airport transfer details to provide a seamless experience.



We feature both off-the-shelf inventory with best prices and live availability, as well as unique lodging that are not available on a large scale. In a travel plan, customers can select their preferred accommodation choice based on the suggested itinerary while further customize by adding available experiences in the vicinity of the chosen accommodation.


Food & Drink

The importance of Food and Drink in a trip is increasing steadily and sometimes the central experience itself. In a travel plan, customers can select their preferred Food and Drink experiences and then other elements, or in a reversed order. The result is an ultimate stress-free vacation booking.


Cars & Transport

From rental cars, to trains, ferries and more, our cars and transportation inventory connects the dots in a trip. In a travel plan, customers are offered multiple options to personalize comfort and budget level. Smaller suppliers within individual destinations provide the lowest prices while regional and global brands allow for itineraries in multiple destinations.


Tours & Tickets

Tours and Tickets are the driver for experience travel. By aggregating a large selection of experiences, we bring more fun to a customer’s trip. Customers can personalize their experience preferences along the booking process. In addition to knowing how to reach the destination and where to stay for the night, they can fill the trip with fully planned days.

Our features

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Dynamic Packaging

Travellers can modify recommended itineraries by personalizing all the included travel components while receiving live availability and pricing.

Shopping cart

Our shopping cart allows travellers to purchase all the services they need in one place. No more multiple browser windows when planning a trip.

Instant Itinerary

Upon the completion of their booking, customers receive instant confirmation and a full itinerary, which is accessible even when offline and easily modifiable.

Vendor Extranet

Travel companies can sign up and list their products. They will receive access to their own extranet, where they can create their profile, publish blogging content and answer inquiries.

Multiple Verticals

Partners can list tours, accommodation and car rental products and make them available on the Travelshift platform. Vendors have full control over their products and their pricing.

Blogging Platform

Locals and experts can sign up and access a blogging extranet where they can submit user-generated content and earn affiliate fees.

Affiliate System

Our innovative affiliate system allows affiliate partners to be part of a community which helps travellers to organize their travel.

End-to-End Messaging

Our messaging system allows for end-to-end communication between users. Travellers can connect with bloggers or send inquiries directly to reselling partners.

Marketing Automation

Notifications, responses and review requests are automatically sent to customers and other users.

Custom bookings

The platform easily handles taylormade requests with a custom booking tool.

Payment requests

Custom products and itineraries can be saved and sent directly to users for easy completion of booking.

Language Locales

Travelshift websites can be offered in different languages. Each language locale can be optimized for different search engines.

Responsive Design

Travelshift websites are designed to adjust to different device and screen sizes and are compliant with Google’s mobile-first guidelines.

Reporting Tools

Admin users can analyse performance through a number of reporting tools and dashboards.

Technical SEO

Frontend design is compliant with Google best practises guidelines. Technical SEO features ensure optimized performance of content.

API Connections

We connect to multiple sources to automate procurement for travel products across different verticals, such as tours, accommodation and car rentals.

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