Travel technology

Travel Technology Partnerships

Our commercial partners benefit from the only all-in-one white label B2C tourism marketplace solution on offer today. Travelshift marketplace software combines a powerful content management system with all the travel technology eCommerce tools needed to run a state-of-the-art online travel business.

We offer a range of partnership programs, providing partners with cost structures on par with the best online travel agencies out there. Our vision is to build a community of online travel industry businesses that leverage a single travel technology platform, empowering them to compete effectively with the most sophisticated online travel merchants in the market. 

Travel Marketplace Software

Our travel marketplace software is a feature rich platform that empowers online travel agencies and booking services to efficiently run a multi-vendor eCommerce website. The software suits both online travel agency (OTA) and marketplace business strategies. Travel agency and travel marketplace are not mutually exclusive business concepts; rather they indicate the extent to which suppliers are empowered on an eCommerce platform. 

To elaborate on this, it is useful to picture a spectrum where on one end you have a website that bundles various products into packages that it sells in its own name (OTA) and on the other end there is a website where suppliers offer their services directly to customers in their own name and are able to communicate directly with their prospective clients. Our travel technology platform caters to the need of operators on both ends of this spectrum and can therefore easily be adapted to different online business strategies. 

Software as a Service

We’ve made it our mission to offer flexibility in our SaaS licensing programs. As a result, we are able to adapt our services to the existing business models of our partners. The utility of any given travel technology solution and the value it provides to the user is not an absolute measure. Hence, there are many variables that can be used to measure usage. A usage-based software license, therefore, can mean many things. Similarly, the travel business varies greatly in terms of size, scope, and focus. Therefore, the needs of any given travel business can vary greatly. 

Irrespective of how the value of a SaaS license is measured, the key benefit to a user of a SaaS model is the mitigation of significant upfront funding requirements for perpetual software licenses. More often than not this would require significant upfront costs. Similarly, developing internal solutions from scratch requires significant resources and significant development time. By definition, opting for a SaaS model will in principle always be a more lean process in terms of cost and time-to-market, as compared to building from scratch.

Travel Technology Automation

Ever since Thomas Cook signed the first travel agency contract in 1841 and collected the first recorded commission from Midland Railway – followed by the subsequent systematization of travel planning – competitive advantage in the travel agency business has always revolved around efficiently matching buyers and sellers of travel services.

In the 1950s – prior to the introduction of computerized booking and inventory systems – booking an airline ticket was error prone and required hours of an independent travel agent´s time. Fast forward to today and the friction created by the travel agent as an intermediary is becoming increasingly smaller.

Automating booking processes and empowering both customers and suppliers alike will lower the handling cost and manual labor required to complete a booking, giving the marketplace operator more flexibility in terms of margins and pricing.

Online Marketing Efficiency

In any race, a necessary requirement of winning is that you have to finish. Or to convert this wisdom into OTA context: To efficiently convert your visitors to customers, first you have to have visitors.

For a customer of travel services today, any and every online travel agency is nearby and easy to access. Before, business owners would choose locations based on traffic. The concept of location has moved from brick and mortar to a more abstract, digital sphere. Traffic today is online.

From the first day we set out to develop the Travelshift platform, online traffic has always been at the top of our mind. For exciting travel agencies, the core audience is already there. The priority should be to communicate with the audience more efficiently and to decrease the cost of conversion.

Suitable for Inbound and Outbound Tourism

Does the Travelshift solution fit the requirements of your business? To answer that question you need to examine more closely the key micro services offered by our system and compare them to your travel technology requirements: 

  • FIT customers. Our software is designed to primarily target B2C eCommerce, with significant emphasis on branding and user experience. 
  • Community. The software provides website affiliates and suppliers with an extranet as well as a messaging platform.
  • Multiple product categories. The solution comes equipped with modules for multiple travel service categories, such as tours, accommodations, and car rentals
  • Multiple languages. Language modules and translation tools allow you to expand efficiently by targeting travelers in multiple languages. 

If your business fits two or more of these criteria, the Travelshift software can be useful travel technology solution for your day to day operations. Our travel agency and marketplace software is suitable and easily adaptable to the following business models: 

  • Inbound Tourism
  • Outbound OTA´s
  • Niche Travel Segments

Improve your online operations

If you are a specialized travel agency operator with ambitions to improve your online presence and take it to the next level, we would love to hear from you. Contact us and book a discovery meeting.