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Travel Industry Takeaways from CES 2018

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show set out to do what it does every January: Publicise and predict how the latest technologies will weave themselves into every aspect of our lives. It’s no surprise then that several companies have set their sights on travellers. The industry is one that’s always been open to innovation, and it […]

Biometrics Enter the Travel Industry

Some things in the travel industry never change. Startups will keep on searching for new niches to target. The world will become increasingly small as travellers keep searching for the next horizon. The simple pleasures of sun, sea and sand will remain comfortably familiar to us all. Oh, and your luggage will occasionally end up […]

Millennials Turn to Travel Amid Home Ownership Woes

The travel industry does not exist in a bubble. It is not independent of the social and economic factors pushing society one way and another. And neither should we expect it to be. Although a huge driver of travel is to escape the reality of our day to day lives, our ability to do so depends […]