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Why Out-of-Home Advertising Remains Viable For Travel Brands

In a world in which our public discourse, our politics and our buying decisions are increasingly shaped online, the humble billboard appears to be making a comeback. In the UK in 2017 the online advertising market was worth £11.5bn and overtook all other forms, according to a government study. Yet UK trade body for the […]

Google’s Global Localization is Every Traveller’s Dream

Smartphones and Google maps have revolutionised the way we travel. Together they’ve rendered traditional maps (almost) obsolete, put the power of navigation inside everyone’s pocket and connected all of that insight with localised information about things to do, see and experience. But combining GPS with localised maps isn’t always enough for a seamless or ultimately […]

Deep Dive: The Travel Industry’s Social Media Marketing Landscape

This deep dive takes a closer look at the social media marketing trends shaping today’s travel industry. How are travel agents using social media to connect with customers? Which social media sites are the most powerful? And most important of all, which techniques are working?  This analysis is based on Travel Market Report’s recent Outlook on […]

First Plastic-Free Commercial Flight Takes Off

Heading into 2019, one  trend in the industry that we’re keeping a close eye on is the desire for more sustainable, environmentally-friendly travel options. Sustainability means different things to different people. For some it’s a case of recycling and using public transport, for others it means going full Vegan and never setting foot in a car […]

These Robots Have Serious Travel Industry Potential

Ah, robots. We meet again. For an industry so reliant on customer service and authenticity, you’d think travel companies would steer clear of employing too many non-human workers. But no, the race to innovate never stops. Particularly when adaptable robots can provide easy customer service, free labour and, in some cases, an extra security measure. […]