Gap in the Market Volume 4 – The Cruise

Cruise ship travel

After delving into a number of different market sectors, it makes sense that we now hop aboard the luxurious world of cruising and discover more about what is another growing travel industry niche. Gazing up at the epic cruise ships of today, it’s easy to assume that the idea of travelling over water for the sake of it is a relatively modern concept. But it isn’t. When you think about it, the pleasure cruise has been a constant throughout human history; from ancient Egyptians floating down the Nile to trips on the Thames for the Victorians.

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Gap in the Market Volume 3 – Adventure Travel

Adventure travel

Ah, adventure tourism. White knuckle thrills, adrenaline-fuelled moments, extreme sports – these are the elements of any trip that can give you memories that last a lifetime. Why sit on a beach for a week when you can para-glide over it? Why relax when you can really get your heart pumping?

In a strange change from the norm, people are beginning to use adventure holidays as a method of relaxation, as a way to get away from it all. After all, a dreary 9 to 5 becomes so much more bearable when your holidays involve dangling off a cliff or jumping out of planes. Each week we’ve been taking a closer look at a different travel industry sector. By now you might have guessed the theme for this week: Adventure travel.

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Gap in the Market Volume 2 – Wellness Travel

wellness and spa

Wellness and spas go hand in hand.

Each week we’re going to be digging deeper into a different travel industry sector, with a view to both inspiring and informing new startups in the business. Today we’re taking a closer look at the world of wellness, a travel trend that has grown rapidly in recent years. As people have started to grow more conscious of how they eat and exercise, the importance of relaxation, and the ramifications of high stress levels, wellness tourism has gone from strength to strength. Let’s try and understand the why, the how, and what’s in store for the future in this sector…

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