Translation & Localisation – Travel Providers Must Adapt to Global Marketplace

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Last week we touched upon the increasing buying power of travellers from emerging markets. More importantly, we took a closer look at exactly why emerging markets present a huge opportunity for travel brands. The global tourism community is on the up, as more people from every country you can think of gain both the resources and the ambitions to travel more. One of the best ways to engage these travellers and create a loyal following is to speak their language. It’s pretty simple really; poor or non-existent content translation leads to alienation. Alienation leads to that potential customer clicking the big X in the top corner of the screen…

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Are Robots the Future of the Travel Industry?

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There are a few cliches in the world of travel. Service with a smile is one of them. The customer is always right is another. But what if the day comes when robots undermine all of these go-to phrases? What happens when customer service is turned on its head, and instead of a person falsely smiling behind a desk, a robot is sitting there with a blank expression? And the customer won’t be able to always be right, because robots won’t be in a position to empathise and anyway, to my knowledge, don’t make mistakes unless they’re programmed to…

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Travel Brands Must Adapt to Attract Emerging Market Travellers

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A famous quote says that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. I think it’s probably true. Memories are timeless, and incredible experiences will live on far longer than your new 4k TV ever will. Think about it for a second and you’ll realise what a valuable service those in the travel industry are entrusted with. With this spirit in mind, today we’re going to tackle a problem which is rife across the industry…

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