Why You Need to Build a Travel Marketplace

It´s hard to compete by yourself, but a marketplace can help you grow fast

It´s hard to compete by yourself, but a marketplace can help you grow fast

The travel industry is growing. More people than ever before are booking trips and venturing out into the world. But it’s no longer the case that you drop in at your local travel agency to see what they recommend or have on offer. Today’s traveller is internet savvy, and has no problem shopping around online to find the best deals.

Expedia, Kayak, Booking.com, Ebookers, Travel Supermarket – All are there taking huge chunks of the travel services market. That’s our justification for not giving them more backlinks, anyway. And while they must be doing something right, their dominance is leading to a change in the industry, and to a certain kind of travel experience. Unfortunately, while dominating the market may lead to hefty profits, ultimately the traveller is left shortchanged as the customer experience becomes increasingly distant.

Yes, customers appreciate good deals and low prices, but the last thing they want is to be treated like a statistic, like sheep being herded to the Caribbean along with thousands of other sheep. Customers want to be valued, sometimes even listened to…

They want to know that what they’re booking is an authentic representation of what they will actually experience, and that the operators they use have strong local knowledge to make their adventure as perfect as possible.

This level of authenticity is hard to find in an industry saturated with big players that put profit before customer satisfaction. You may say that people would stop returning if their experience was that bad, but it can be pretty difficult to find anywhere else to go, or other places through which bookings can be made. Overwhelming market domination can leave travellers feeling like there are very few options. They may not even realise that there is a parallel universe in which plenty of responsible, independent operators provide travel services. Search engines give a pretty narrow view of the market.

And on top of creating a sector full of like-minded travel giants, the big companies have made it increasingly difficult for the little guys to step into the travel services market. They dominate search results and as a consequence, online bookings and transactions.

Bearing in mind that a huge proportion of travel sites gain the majority of their traffic through search engines, it’s never been harder to get yourself noticed as a travel services provider. If you’re new on the scene it can be almost impossible to get started.

We’re here to help you stand out

We’ve developed Travelshift – a marketplace software like no other which allows smaller service providers to join forces and grow. With our software you can link together an existing network of travel service providers and shout louder using our innovative marketing and community features.

Our software has already piloted with huge success in Iceland, where our licensee quickly became the largest travel services provider in the country. This track record, along with a range of tools to put sellers in control of customisable storefronts while optimising your site for search engines and community led participation, mean that convincing sellers to come and set up in your marketplace won’t be a problem.

We anticipate that our software can be used for an incredibly broad range of services. From accommodation to car rentals, event tickets and tour bookings, partner with us today and harness the power of the Travelshift marketplace.

Travel isn’t going anywhere

Yes, I may have just ranted about how difficult it is the break through in an industry dominated by big players, but luckily we have one thing on our side. People will always want to travel. Travel isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. On top of this, travellers are always keen to arrange trips through independent, authentic and knowledgeable operators. It’s like shopping in a huge supermarket or a farmer’s market – You know which potatoes are going to taste best, right?

Build, grow, nurture and take control of your own marketplace with Travelshift. Start something big today.

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