Sell your travel agency business

Online Travel Agency Acquisitions

From time to time we get pitched with acquisition proposals for businesses in the travel industry, most commonly operating in the travel agency sector. Although many of the proposals are not in our interest, we are eager to hear from principals or their representatives about online travel agencies or related businesses that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. A focused business model. We have a clear preference for companies that focus on a specific travel niche or destination.
  2. A demonstrated ability to generate organic traffic. We value SEO optimized content, social media following and other forms of online content assets.
  3. Operation history. We require any acquisition target to have at least five years of audited financial accounts.
  4. Key operating staff in place: We do not supply key staff and require that transactions don’t affect the day to day operations of the underlying business.
  5. An offering price. We prefer not to waste time in dragged out negotiations. We only deal with proposals where we know the offering price beforehand.

How to propose a transaction for your travel agency

Our process when it comes to evaluating acquisitions, mergers or strategic investment is simple:

  1. Proposal letter: For us to evaluate a transaction, we require a proposal letter, describing in short the criteria outlined above. We can promise complete confidentiality and a very fast answer – usually within five working days.
  2. The reply: If we like the market, the business, the staff and the price, we will get in contact, acquaint ourselves and ask for the necessary information for further analysis.
  3. The offer: Within a month we should be able to respond with a formal offer.
  4. The contract: If the seller agrees to the terms of the offer, a contract will be drafted and signed.
  5. The closing: Once all contractual conditions have been met, the transaction is finalized. Normally, this should not take more than 3 months from having received the proposal letter.

Tell us about your travel agency

Interested parties are asked to send their proposal letters to under the subject line “Proposal letter: [name of company]”