Gap in the Market Volume 6 – The Staycation


fancy a staycation this summer?

Staycations are appealing to travelers for plenty of reasons…

Last week we went through some of the political events and uncertainties affecting the travel industry at the moment. It’s fair to say that so far 2016 has been a chaotic year. But, as we alluded to in the previous post, here at Travelshift we like to see the positives in things.

With traditional tourist destinations hit by terrorism, Brexit, and political unrest, opportunities are arising for smaller travel vendors offering a certain kind of holiday. We’re talking, of course, about the rise of the Staycation. Why head abroad when you can enjoy a part of your own country that you’ve never visited, often at a fraction of the cost? And why stray far from home when you can enjoy all the normal holiday comforts without setting foot on a plane? The answers to these questions are what are driving the latest popularity surge in the Staycation. It’s not necessarily a new concept, but one that is receiving more attention than ever in these tumultuous times.

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Travel Industry Hit by Terrorism and Political Unrest

Terrorism and political uncertainty

Security was heavy in France during Euro 2016

In times of increasing fear, civil unrest, and political uncertainty, the travel industry is often hit as tourists pull back from their usual holiday plans. It’s been a month since the UK voted to leave the European Union, causing widespread financial chaos, confusion over the future of European travel, and enormous currency fluctuations. There has been yet another tragic terrorist attack in France; this time in the popular tourist city of Nice. More recently, in another European holiday favourite, an attempted military coup in Turkey has led to the government declaring an official state of emergency. What a mess, eh? Today, we’re going to try and unpick these three issues and look ahead (hopefully with some positivity!) to what’s in store as a result for the travel industry.

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Tourism in an Uncertain World – Travel Agencies Will Always be in Demand

uncertain world

The travel industry is changing, highly competitive and a place increasingly lacking in customer loyalty. Luckily though, travel operators will always be able to bank on one tiny thing. People will always, always want to travel, and although skiing in the Alps or cruising through the Med are not necessarily fundamental human instincts, curiosity and adventure certainly are.

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