Are Virtual Reality and Tourism on a Collision Course?

How will virtual reality impact upon the travel industry?

On the face of it, virtual reality and tourism don’t belong in the same sentence. One is an emerging technology that has only come in to being in the past few years, while the other is essentially a concept that has been around for as long as humans can remember. Sure, our Neanderthal ancestors didn’t spend too much time booking food tours in romantic destinations, but the notion of travel, and the curiosity that drives it, has always been present.

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Are Robots the Future of the Travel Industry?

Robots travel industry future

There are a few cliches in the world of travel. Service with a smile is one of them. The customer is always right is another. But what if the day comes when robots undermine all of these go-to phrases? What happens when customer service is turned on its head, and instead of a person falsely smiling behind a desk, a robot is sitting there with a blank expression? And the customer won’t be able to always be right, because robots won’t be in a position to empathise and anyway, to my knowledge, don’t make mistakes unless they’re programmed to…

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