The Ultimate Underdog Story – Can Travel Startups Learn From Leicester’s Success?

Leicester city underdog winners

On the face of it, there’s no obvious link between football and the travel industry. But two seemingly disjointed topics has never stopped us from drawing parallels in the past, so here goes. Luckily we’re all about looking into things a little bit deeper.

You may or may not have heard that something magical happened in the world of football this week. More specifically, it happened in the world’s most watched sporting league, England’s Barclays Premier League. Leicester City, a relatively obscure club that started the season at 5000-1 to win the title, did exactly that. 5000-1! Not only have they broken the monopoly of the traditional powerhouses of English football, they have done so with a tiny fraction of the resources and a squad that barely avoided relegation this time last year.

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