Why the Travel Industry Should be a Beacon of Diversity

Diversity in the travel industry

When you stop to think about it, travel is perhaps the one thing we all have in common. Man or woman, black or white, old or young, rich or poor. As people, we all have that innate sense of curiosity and a desire to explore different parts of the world.

Across the board, humanity is inspired by this single idea. It’s often what brings us together. It’s the common goal that we all share. And yet that diversity is not apparent in the industry that exists to meet our demand to travel. According to a recent industry report on diversity from Skift, the overwhelming majority of airline pilots are white men. Over 80% of tour guides in America are white. Less than 4% of US travel agents are African American.

So it seems that there’s a problem here. But morality and social equality aside, how does it affect the travel industry?

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